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Is There a Value Chain in Innovation In Your Organization?

The question “What is the value chain in innovation in organizations?” was posed to me by the MD of a global leadership and talent management consultancy seeking to understand how his organization might enter the leadership and innovation market.

In all my years of working in this space, I had not been asked this question before and yet it seemed a reasonable question. So being challenged for a response, I delved into the question and the more I delved the more I found scant information and lots of interest. Indeed, when I asked the question in the LinkedIn questions section and in my own LinkedIn Contacts the response was quite startlingly, the most varied from an industry perspective and the most in number I have ever received. It seems there is a strong desire by people to contribute and to find out what others thought the answer might be.

I have now completed several interviews with senior executives in major multi-nationals and I will commence writing a paper shortly. I am still seeking contributions and if you would like to participate I would be most grateful. Contact me here or to receive a copy of the paper when it is finished register here.


How to Create and Lead an Organizational Innovation Capability

There is major disruption to markets and business models taking place globally as a result of the confluence of technology emerging into main stream behaviourial norms and the continuing global financial crisis. Thus, organizations need to focus on change and transformation as primary objectives to survive right now.

Creativity and innovation are the drivers in change and transformation.

Having worked globally helping hundreds of organizations to innovate, I have recently developed new ways of identifying what type of mindset is required, what the innovation impediments are, and how to remove them to make innovation actually flow in an organization.

The skills required to be innovate are without exception latent inside the organization, its leaders, managers and employees. All that is really required to unleash great innovation is some tools and a determined mindset.

Oh and confidence!!.. And this is where I know how to assist you.

Give me your best and brightest leaders and managers, allocate resources and watch how your own leaders and managers can develop an organization wide innovation practice and transform your organization into a 21st Century industry leader.

Confidence in innovation comes through doing it!!

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Creative Recognition and How It Works 

It is difficult to know how you are doing in your particular profession when you are working in creativity and innovation. Creativity in whatever endeavour or context is ruled by small continual loops of perception, judgment and reflection. It is not until you create a body of work in whatever practice or context over a period of time that you, as a creator, gain distance from your work. Even then you begin to wonder whether the work has any immediate or long term value or has made meaningful connections or sense with or for others. As a creator, it is not you who judges the effectiveness and quality of your work, it’s others.So, against this backdrop, it was very nice to suddenly be approached by IBM saying I had been selected to be one of the 100 IBM Global Creative Leaders and would I be happy to participate in their on going global study on human capital management coming off the back of their 2010 Global CEO Global Study - Capitalising on Complexity: Creative Leadership is the Way To Go!

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How Hard Do We Need To Think To Convince Ourselves We Are Creative

Everyone thinks about creativity and how it is applied differently. Every single creative conversation is different. Every single explanation for how creativity and its outcome, innovation is correct. So how can we know and differentiate between which process is right for us, what works for us and doesn't?Research around creativity and the way we behave has been going on for over 150 years. Out of the generally discredited science of phrenology in the 18th century grew 19th century psychiatry and now neuroscience. The Journal for Creative Behaviour, an unheralded academic journal, has been turning out erudite and insightful research articles quarterly for over 60 years on creative thinking, creative processes and creativity generally.

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