I have worked creatively all my life

- firstly as a theatrical producer and director where I learnt about narrative, storytelling, performance and practice as creative powers

- secondly as the owner and creative director of an experience design company creating and producing live events and experiences for corporations to engage their customers, stakeholders and employees for business outcomes where I learnt about the implementation of creative insights for commercial purposes 

- thirdly as an independent global consultant using my creative experiences and practices to focus organizations and their senior leaders on their innate creative abilities to change and transform their organizations.

What I discovered along this journey was that leaders and managers at all levels recognize creative leaders, recognize when others are being creative and when they, themselves, are being creative personally. 

I also discovered leaders and managers, indeed, people in general have a thirst for creativity. It is innate.

What I am able to do because of my unique creative experience and training is to turn this innateness into meaningful creative insights that can be implemented to transform teams and organizations into passionate innovators.