How Ralph Has Helped His Clients..

Excellent quality presenter that walks the talk in terms of passion and commitment to an ideal. It was an honour to be part of the programme.

General Manager, IBM

This workshop re-ignited parts of my brain long left idle. Simultaneously a personal and professional journey.

Director of Sales and Marketing, Australia and New Zealand, Maxxium

A mind opening exploration of how to promote creativity and the value of artistic approaches in everyday business

General Manager, Strategy and Research, Tourism Australia

Valuable. Good to introduce managers to creative processes. It would be interesting to explore a bit further

General Manager, Australia Post

It really helped me see things in a new way. Outside the science-rational paradigm so the arts based activities have given me an alternative perspective..

CEO, Bio 21 Australia

The programmes provides a unique opportunity to experience the value and appreciate the relevance of arts based principles and concepts to developing one's leadership effectiveness.

Global Talent Director, Terrapin

This programme has been one of the most exciting and relevant programs that I have participated in. It has personal, professional and organizational applications that have positively changed, improved and assisted all those who participate in it..

Director, Technical Services, University of Queensland

Inspiring, Connecting, Passion, Evoking. This program is a must for anyone who is involved in Leadership Development and wants to take themselves and others to the next level of creativity and effectiveness.

Angela Heise

I am always sceptical about workshops, especially those with nebulous titles. I attended this because I realised the need to innovate in my organization. The sessions far surpassed my expectations and have changed my perceptions forever. 

Manager, Southbank Institute of Technology, Qld

The programme allowed openness and growth when dealing with creativity and innovation in the business world while considering the environment and social impacts. We all need to consider the life cycle of the environment and social aspects and value everyone's contribution to creativity in the workplace.

Group Managing Director, Synovate

Thank you for creating such a fertile environment for ideas, thought and reflection.

Executive Dean, Queensland University of Technology

Ralph is stimulating and energising. The people who attended are effective people in their walks of life and it is wonderful to be a part of a learning process with a high calibre presenter and participants.

Project Manager, Australia Council for the Arts

A great day. A great introduction to new processes. A chance to be in a new space and create new solutions

Business Development Manager, Gould Group

This was a really well balanced program from corporate innovation and analysis to experiential process for personal insight and future application

Managing Director, Triple Jump

There was a real richness to all the activities in this masterclass. My eyes answered questions, my hands created curiosity, I had a wonderful in-depth conversation with no words while the day just went too quickly. As well as having a day to work out my own creative skills, I left with a box of tools that will help me inspire creativity in many others.

Dr Claire Manning. Managing Director, Magnolia Learning.