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The Power of Reflection on Innovation

In creativity, it is often not until you have completed a piece of work that the obvious intent of the work appears to you. This is particularly relevant in the case of innovation. Personal creativity, the input that produces organizational innovation, never follows a direct path and this has important strategic implications for organizations pursuing systemic innovation as a prime business objective. Our challenge in developing the analytic, the Management Innovation Index™ (the MIX), was to model an organization's innovation as a whole system in order to make innovation measurable. Over 3 years, we trialed and amended the MIX with various clients

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Is There a Value Chain in Innovation In Your Organization?

The question “What is the value chain in innovation in organizations?” was posed to me by the MD of a global leadership and talent management consultancy seeking to understand how his organization might enter the leadership and innovation market.

In all my years of working in this space, I had not been asked this question before and yet it seemed a reasonable question. So being challenged for a response, I delved into the question and the more I delved the more I found scant information and lots of interest. Indeed, when I asked the question in the LinkedIn questions section and in my own LinkedIn Contacts the response was quite startlingly, the most varied from an industry perspective and the most in number I have ever received. It seems there is a strong desire by people to contribute and to find out what others thought the answer might be.

I have now completed several interviews with senior executives in major multi-nationals and I will commence writing a paper shortly. I am still seeking contributions and if you would like to participate I would be most grateful. Contact me here or to receive a copy of the paper when it is finished register here.