The Australian Services Roundtable launches a major research project focused on Services Innovation 
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 5:35PM
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The services industries already make up over 75 percent of Australia’s economy and with the predicted future slow-down in resources investment it is imperative that they are as innovative as possible to national growth.

Innovation in services in Australia is critical to the creation of the high-value jobs of the future and to stave off the increasing trade exposure of lower value services tasks.

The Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) believes that a nationally concerted focus on stimulating services innovation is critical and this needs to be supported by evidence-based research of current state positions and opportunities.

As such the launch today of the ASR Services Innovation Index (ASRIIx) is a joint development between ASR and acknowledged global innovation thought leader Dr. Ralph Kerle. For the first time it provides a sophisticated and tailored methodology for analyzing key aspects of services innovation in many different types of organisation.

The ASRIIx approach is launched initially in the form of an online survey, which is being circulated to key decision makers at many thousands of Australian organisations including large, medium and small enterprises in both the private and public sector and that will take 8 minutes to complete

The survey can be accessed online here and participation is actively encouraged by any Australian-based organisation.

Results from the survey will provide a unique set of insights as to how organisations are approaching innovation at both the enterprise-wide level and in relation to specific service deliverables.

All organisations that fully complete the survey will receive an executive summary of the outcomes generated.

About The Australian Services Roundtable

ASR is the only dedicated whole-of-services industry organisation and is the voice of Australian Services. For more information please contact:

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